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Meeting Overview (October 1st, 2010) 

Seldom have investors faced an investment climate so riddled with uncertainties and contradictions.

On the global macro-economic front opinion is divided like never before. Are we heading into a chronically inflationary or deflationary environment? Is the United States on the cusp of a double dip recession? Has the sovereign debt default crisis that hung so ominously over the world in early 2010 truly abated or has it merely been postponed?

Compounding these macro-economic uncertainties are questions on the fundamentals of investing. Investor confidence in modern portfolio theory has been shaken by the events of the last three years and this absence of a reliable investment framework has only further exacerbated the markets current tendency towards chronic overreaction.

Never has first class advice been more critical to the success of an investment portfolio. In order to answer these questions Global ARC is convening the finest minds in the field of macro-economic analysis, finance and alternatives in Boston in October.

Paul Volcker, author of the recently enacted ‘Volcker Rule,’ Chairman of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and former Chairman of The Federal Reserve, returns to Global ARC a year after his last appearance to update us on the state of finance reform and the implications that this carries for the finance sector.

Dick Cheney, formerly Vice President, US Secretary of Defence and White House Chief of Staff, and Ambassador Kim Beazley, the current Australian Ambassador to the United States and formerly Australian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence and Minister of Finance, will analyse where the key emerging geopolitical challenges are to western oil and commodity securities and what this augurs for future geopolitical stability.

Dr Peter Orszag, former Obama administration cabinet member and the first member of President Obama’s cabinet to return to private life, will offer a frank insiders assessment of the causes and implications of and possible solutions to the US budget deficit.

Professor Martin Feldstein, Board Member of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Board, Harvard Professor and formerly Chairman of President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisors will examine the current and future prospects for the US and the world economy.

Professor Raghuram Rajan of University of Chicago and formerly Chief Economist of The International Monetary Fund, will identify how many of the most critical fissures in the global economy have yet to be addressed and why, unless they are urgently fixed, they will soon provoke a second even more devastating crisis.

Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, of Boston University argues that recent finance sector reforms have been too half hearted. In their place he offers a radical template for a ‘limited purpose banking’ reform of the finance sector.

Lord Robert May, Baron of Oxford, University of Oxford Professor, 1996 Royal Swedish Academy’s Crafoord Prize Winner and formerly Chief Scientific Advisor to the British government and Professor George Sugihara of UC San Diego will examine how biological models can be used to model fat tail risk events.

Finally, in response to investor feedback, Global ARC will be introducing the following structural changes to all its events: firstly, limiting the number of non-sponsor hedge fund delegates to a maximum of two delegates per firm and secondly requiring that hedge fund delegates be of at least Director level within their firm.

- October 1st, 2010

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